Wagelia Hoteles have made ​​a commitment to the planet for several years , making good environmental practices in various fields such as biological - physical, service plant , external customer and socioeconomic.

We try to reduce the impact that our daily activities may generate encouraging recycling, efficient use of resources such as electricity and water, besides using friendly environmental products.

Wagelia Hotels have been pioneers and multipliers of this good practices in the area, achieving a balance in our environment also involving customers and partners.

We offer talks and guided educational tours to locals and we involve them in conservation and environment topics.


We are honored in a third level CST


What the CST is

It is a program that categorizes and certifies tourist companies according with the degree of their operations in approaching a sustainability model. To achieve it the following key areas are evaluated:


• Physical-Biological Environment:
It evaluates the interaction between the natural surroundings and the company, always interested on the implementation of politics and sustainability programs, environmental protection and others.


• Service Plant - Lodging Establishments:
The internal company system and process related are evaluated such as the correct handling of waste management and use of technologies for electric and water savings.


• Service Management – Tour Operator Agencies:
It includes the process by which the company considering all the inner and outer elements designs a touristic product according to market trends, the country’s characteristics and the locations where the product will be operating.


• The Customer:

Actions taken by the management department to invite the customer to participate in the implementation of the sustainability policies of the company are evaluated.

Identifying and interacting with adjacent communities are evaluated, analyzing for instance, how the touristic companies respond to growth and development of the area through job opportunities and benefit achievement in favor of collectivity.


Espino Blanco Biological Reserve

5 Star Ecological Blue Flag


The Espino Blanco Biological Reserve is located in Santa Rosa, Turrialba, specifically at La Verbena, 8 kms North from Turrialba downtown, it is 1.250 mts over the sea level. Espino Blanco is a reserve dedicated to conservation of forest species and the region’s flora and fauna. It is internally linked with Guayabo Archeological Monument through a biological corridor full of diversity and pre-Columbian culture.

Nowadays the reserve has a total of 229.000 square meters and more than sixty percent of this area it is primary forest. The reserve shows over 500 forest species and there is a large variety of animals such as snakes, small turkey birds, small raccoons, armadillos, spotted pacas and a great variety of butterflies and birds. The name Espino Blanco (HAWTHORN TREE) comes from a tree that grows in Espino Blanco Reserve, nowadays this type of tree is in the process of disappearing. There are many trees of this kind that are actually majestic and worth to be admired. Their wood is hard and they were used back in time to build houses.

The reserve counts on six trails to hike, it takes approximately three and a half hours for the complete tour including the guide explanations and about 20 minutes break for the meal and drink. The trails are built on broken ground but completely accessible to all visitors 5 years old and up. The Espino Blanco Forest Reserve was created to protect the existing new waters which are a very important water supply for Turrialba town, especially the south-east of the city.